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Saturday, March 27, 2010

God Has Blessed Me With A New Life

I have been taught since a child that God created everything. What I have learned is that, everything has order and the proper nature in which it functions. However He (God) gave us, free will. Many of us have exercised that free will as we please. I know I have.

As I was moving all of my belongings into the new place for my future wife and I. I noticed a semi box. Now men we call this box the or book, "The Black Book." Yes, well I had a box. As I looked through it straightening up the place, I started to reflect. "Now Calm down, not the type of reflection you expect." I look back at all of the goods and bads I have done by women and my own life. I begin to tear up in rejoice to know that Allah (God0 would bless me with such a mate.

Many men wonder and question themselves, "Am I Ready?" Well, I am. I truly believe I have closed the chapter of a very long book and opened a new book. This book is not like an other book. It is hard to put it down. This book is the book of DeAndrea. If you do not have a book like that to read. I recommend you get one. This type of book, is the type that will truly change your life, and bring you complete happiness. You know why? Because I believe God wrote this book.

If you are reading this. Get off of the computer, turn of the television, and read a book.

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In the Community with (CAAHAz) at Matthew Henson

Today was a very exciting and informative day as the Center for African American Health, Arizona (CAAHaz) Hosted a community outreach at Matthew Henson Apartments. You are talking about live entertainment, health and survival booths, free food, and a 2 hour health workshop. The community response was great.

Check out some of the pictures:

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Must Win Over the Parents First.

This past weekend I was in LA area of California spending time with my queen and her family. When being in courtship from a far can be difficult. Especially when the parents ask about you and you now there physically to build a bond with them. In the Nation of Islam's Courtship Manual, it informs both parties to get to learn as much about the parties family. this is a reflection of what you will be marrying.

That was my focus, but not just because I am marrying their daughter, but because I am always concerned of my family. It is nice learning people views on different subjects and spending time with your mates party. I have learned a lot about them and respect them so dearly. The grand parents were the first to welcome me into the family and gave me great advice. I pray that I utilize it wisely.

My queens mother does not know how FOI gets down. After the meeting I met them at the house and Mrs. Washington was about to lift this big plant in a pot out of the vehicle. So when she saw me lift it in my suit not worrying about getting my clothes dirty amazed her. Plus rolling up my sleeves to help her plant in in the yard really had her looking like: "Brother you are going to get your clothes all dirty and DeAndrea is going to be mad at me." FOI is always ready to get dirty. Well that is how I was raised. That is what dry cleaners are for. Ha ha ha lol. That is what I told her.

I think I learned a lot and won them over to become their new son. They allowed me to rest on the couch before my flight back to Phoenix. Catch how my queen took pictures of me as I was out for the count.I love you Mr and Mrs Washington. I love you too Mr. and Mrs. Mack. Thank you so much for making me fell like family. I pray that Sister DeAndrea and I have a long lasting married like you all.

Always Getting Love in Compton Mosque No. 54

When I think about Muhammad Mosque No. 54 in Compton, CA. I think of FAMILY. Every time I step foot into the doors of 799 S. Long Beach blvd. the believers treat me like family. You know what? Like ROYALTY. They make sure I am comfortable. Not just that, Student Minister Robert Muhammad always gives an awesome lecture. He had me at the edge of my seat as I was hold post at the end of the aisle. This brother is full of energy and makes the teachings so plain and practical.

The believers never let me slide in and try to blend in. They always find a way to introduce me to different believers and networks.

After the meeting I had to argue with the believers about paying for my meal. I mean "Dang." I am just your brother. They make me think of Jesus when he spoke to his disciples. Telling them that if they would not do good until to the least of him , they have not done good unto him. (Now this is not the exact quote.)

They make you happy to know you found your future wife in their Mosque.

By the way. The fish enchiladas were so on point. I mean, wow I have been craving since i got back to Phoenix.
If you are ever in California and looking for a home or just a place to be treated like family and get a great meal. Visit Muhammad Mosque no. 54 at 799 S. Long Beach Blvd, Compton, CA 70221. They show true hospitality.

Brother Hannibal Muhammad, Student Minister Robert Muhammad, Brother Isaac Muhammad

Student Captain Gilda Muhammad

Brother Rodney Muhammad

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Councilman Mike Johnson & Police Brutality Press Conference

As a child many people grow up with the idea of making a difference in the world. Well, that is what I got from Councilman Mike Johnson as he expressed his concerns at today's press conference. For those who do not know. Councilman Mike Johnson was wrongfully abused by some local police officers here in Phoenix, AZ.

This what Mike had to say."I was not confrontational or disrespectful. I simply was concerned about my neighbor’s safety. After repeated requests to talk to the officer’s supervisor, I was told they don’t have a supervisor on scene and “we don’t do it like that out here.” Instead I was thrown to the ground and handcuffed. Face down. In the middle of my street.

He also said: "The officer’s partner asked the officer to calm down, but the officer continued his aggressive behavior. The officer instructed me to get up and I asked for assistance. I informed the officer I recently had surgery and was unable to stand up without help. I’m very thankful for the firefighters who helped me and prevented me from being dragged across the street to the curb, which the officer said he would do to me."
These type of situation are not only happening here in Arizona, but across this whole country. When are they going to stop? What can we do to prevent them to occurring again?

Mike recognized that this happens daily, but you never think this would happen to a retiree and Councilman.

There is so much more that took place in this press conference, but I will not give you everything. Look out for it in the Final Call Newspaper in issues to come.

See pictures:

Vice Mayor Michael Nowakowski - District 7

Rev. Oscar Tillman - NAACP

Ms. Vanessa Lewis- Victim

Pastor and Attorney Burt Russell

Brother Charles Muhammad- Nation of Islam Muhammad Mosque No. 32

Representative Cloves Campbell Jr.- House of Representative & AZ Informant Newspaper

Cesar Chavez Grandson - Alejandro Chavez

FOI is always on the scene.

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