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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pioneers Moving Right Down to the Modern Times (Workshop)

This past Saturday, August 15, 2009 the Ministry of Technology and the Ministry of Information from Muhammad Mosque No. 32 joined forces.

This workshop was to bring the believing body up to date on the modern technology at hand. The believers were shown how to put together a computer, how to operate the computer, setting up email addresses, getting their pictures on the Nation's Program, and much much more.

Check out some of the pictures and testimonies.

As instructions came down from our National Secretary (Brother Bervie Muhammad) to upload a profile picture to the Nation's Program, I realized one meeting after the body of our Mosque were asked if we had uploaded our profile pictures and a high percentage of us said No I knew there was a problem. We the ministries came together to put something together that would benefit us. As we were planning it came to us to that there should be a full workshop on operating a computer, getting online, and learning how to fish and brand yourself through free internet sites likes: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogging, and etc. am just excited to be apart of this great opportunity.
Brother Hannibal S. Muhammad

The value of this workshop was priceless. To see the need to help us to the modern time was very appreciative. You are the future and to help us to the modern times, so that we will not be a burden on the future or the present time.
Sister Vincie Muhammad

The importance of having this workshop was good for our unity in the Nation of Islam as a family. The value of taking your pictures is that the Minister wants to know who the believers are. Like Brother Bervie said, when the Minister asks for something he does not want it in thirty or forty days we response quickly. It is like having a job how quick do you respond, it shows our dedication to the work. When we respond it show who the Minister can count on.
Sister Ntosake Muhammad

I found the seminar enlightening, informative and productive. I learn the familiarities and difference of how the different social sites operates like myspace to facebook, the difference between twitter, text messaging, and emailing. There were not a lot of technical language that was used, that made things easier for me to comperhend. Also being able to utilized them all and they are all free. And to even be able to just come and just put your picture on the Nation's Program. I really enjoyed this workshop.
Sister Edith Muhammad

The workshop was so needed because you have so many other organizations that are doing these kind of thing with their members which brings them together and members of the Nation see there progress and want the same for our Nation/Mosque, so it answers a need in our own house. Keep up the good work and may Allah continue to bless you to help the believers to grow in this area.
Sister Naina Muhammad

Brother Darvis X

Brother Adbul Wahid Muhammad

First I would like to give all praises and honor to Allah for allowing the MOI/MOT workshop to transpire and be a success and benefit to those who attended. This workshop was first a blessing, humbling experience and gave me a greater sense of self - worth, confidence and purpose. I know that am blessed when I am allowed to teach another, but it is an honor to offer something back to my pioneers in my Nation. It was a humbling experience, because I was unaware what Allah was showing me at that time through our presentations. We were inspired to have this workshop and those how came were inspired to learn about what was being taught. No one came and asked us to put this together. Inspiration from Allah did this is and this is where the New Educational Paradigm is shifting us toward. I have been noticing the natural ability of so many of the youth to lead, teach and uplift ourselves and others. Allah made it apparent in that workshop. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan has already made it known publicly, “It’s all about YOU-th!” We are to lead the Nation with the help of Allah and the guidance of our pioneers and those who came before us. I would like make a statement to all youth that are present and soon to be present. We are the ones that will conquer the giants that reside in the Promise Land, so stand up!

Fight for your Nation, Fight for your Own! As Salaam Alaikum!!

Brother Bernard X

Be on the lookout for the next workshop.

Brothers: If you have not taken your picture for the Nation's Program there will be pictures taken on Monday, August 17, 2009 right before F.O.I. class.

Sisters: We are working on planning a day sometime this week to complete the rest of your pictures.

A special thanks to Brother Jabril Muhammad and Brother Hakeem Muhammad for their assistance in this workshop.