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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saviours' Day 2010 First Timer- Zack Isaacs

As many are use the routine of booking hotels packages and bargaining the travel fairs. It still does not beat the impact of being in Chicago Illinois for Saviours’ Day. If it was your first our fortieth Saviours’ Day, the excitement is always there. Even for some, Saviours’ Day is the first people see and here The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for the first time.

Zack Isaacs of Chicago Illinois gives his testimony.

When was the first time you heard of the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?

I've always known of the Nation of Islam. In fact, I've always been the one in my family who was the most intrigued by the organization. My family and I are devout Baptists, but we used to watch the Saturday night broadcast that came on in the early 90s. When I got grown, I started watching the public access broadcast that comes on Monday afternoons- until I switched cable providers.
The Nation has done more good for the inner city than it is given credit for. Sure, the religious views are controversial but the same can be said about those in the "Moral Majority".

Who and what brought you to Saviours’ Day 2010?

My younger brother dropped me off- so that I could save on parking. (LOL!) But I wanted to be part of a historic day. As I wrote on my blog, I'm at a corporate crossroads. Prospective employers are going to look online to do a "background check" of who I am. Even writing that I support the Nation- without being directly linked- can still have detrimental consequences on my job search. Yet, I'm at a point in my life where I feel that the right employer will honor my public work ethic more than my private relationships with community-oriented initiatives.

What were your views of Saviours’ Day?

It's an interesting day. In the Christian church, we hold Easter (Resurrection Sunday) in the same regard. Saviours' Day appears to be just as important and sentimental to the Nation of Islam, thus I respect it

What did you enjoy the most about Saviours’ Day?

I admired the discipline of The FOI. Those brothers made me look at my life and see where I could make improvements. I wanted to take better care of my skin, my clothes, and my spirit after seeing the Godly example they set. You see, that's the problem with how some folks in the media cover this event. They want to just focus on things that people don't like about NOI. But I wanted to flip the script and talk about the good I found.

I see the same thing in how blacks can be perceived in the media. Yes, there are some "misguided" folks- because I'm the last person to call anyone bad, knowing that "all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God". However, I think that people don't realize that blacks have a conservative side and we want to be empowered politically and economically- just like everyone else.

Do you plan on returning for Saviours’ Day 2011?

As the old folks say, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise". I hope to come back whenever I can, but won't make any promises at this moment.

What would you want all of your friends and family to know about Saviours Day?

I want people to know that the event is more than a religious gathering; It is a day where people put aside differences and embrace similarities. Unity is strengthened when we stop comparing and contrasting each other and respect others. You'll feel better about yourself no matter what color you are and you will see that there are still people who want to improve their communities and families.

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