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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mother Khadijah and Final Call- Do I Need to Say More!!!!

It was so excite to see Mother Khadijah, but it was even more exciting to see her open up the greatest paper in the world "The Final Call newspaper." It was so hard to shoot around all of these people, but manage to get this shot. Tell me what you think?

She has so much more going on Today at the Mother Khadijah's Children Village. Come to vending and see how much fun your children will have. Also she will be taking pictures with.

This is only for Friday and Saturday Feb: 26-27

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Great Friday at Saviours Day 2010

Wow today was so amazing. I know that many have are here, many are in route, and many wish they could be here. Today is your day. I will be blogging all weekend. Yes, all weekend about Saviours Day.

See pictures of a great Friday at Saviours Day 2010.

Many are up early waiting in line to register for Saviours Day

Saviours Day Children Village
Divine Hand (Muhammad Mosque No. 32) brings excitement to the stage at Saviours Day Children Village

Sister Naja (Muhammad Mosque 45) singing brings the audience to tears as she touches their hearts

Farrakhan Family and friends are overjoyed from bear witnessing to the development of Nation of Islam Youth.

National Assistant Minister Brother Ishmael announces Saviours Day Children Village to "Mother Khadijah's Children Village" for all of the great work she has done.

After Jummah Prayer
Believers of (Muhammad Mosque No. 54 Compton) takes picture with Brother Ishmael Muhammad
Saviours Day First Timer Antoine Torrence AKA @rootsofsoul on twitter, takes picture with Supreme Captain Mustapha Muhammad.

Jazz and R n B
Talk Show host Jaye Delai puts it down at the Jazz and R n B concert. He brought all of the people to their feet. Even gave a brother with white dress shoes 15 seconds of FAME.

PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, this was just Friday. Be on the look out for more.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saviours Day is Waiting on You

Be one of the first in attendance for the Saviours Day 2010 workshops.

I was up early a few hours before the iNation Media Workshop. look at how amazing they setup the workshop rooms for all of the believers.

Happy Saviours Day!!!!

Here the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan LIVE!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Day One Photos in the CHI

Day One in Chicago

Good evening everyone:

There is nothing like flying over the city of Chicago in the middle of the winter. I love seeing the snow covering the whole city and it gives me a reason to put on warm clothing. Now I cant lie, it is a little chilly out here. Maybe that is because I had to walk half a mile to the shuttle service from the airport. Maybe it was because I had to stand out in the cold for thirty minutes, for a shuttle they said would be here in ten minutes. I enjoyed standing outside looking at the buildings and thinking "what if" we owned all of these building? How all of the money we could be bringing in as a Nation.

My hotel is very comfortable, well maybe that is why they call it the Comfort Inn. They have great service. The shuttle driver took me to Target. Yes Target. Now I have bottle water. ha ha ha lol. I will not be paying $10 for bottle water at the Convention Center. They even said that if I want to get something to eat, the shuttle driver will take me. WHAT! Oh yes, I will be milking them all weekend.

Now that I am situated for Saviours Day, I have to figure what am I going to get my fiance for Saviours Day? Any suggestions?
I pray that I can see all of you soon. I am very excited to be around the believers and we will have so much fun. Oh yeah, come to the INation Media Workshop. We have so much to offer this year.

I love you all and I pray that you have a safe journey.

Happy Saviours Day!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saviours' Day 2010 Press Release: Minister Farrakhan to provide divine guidance during these uncertain times

February 22, 2010

Toure Muhammad, 773.531.8798

Nation of Islam celebrates 80 years of service to the Black community and the country; Minister Farrakhan to provide divine guidance during these uncertain times

Star-studded guests to include Wyclef Jean, Raheem DeVaughn, Susan Taylor, Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, Allen Hughes, Frank Lucas, and ‘The Real Freeway’ Rick Ross

CHICAGO—With extremely tough economic times, high levels of crime and violence, a confusing new political reality, and the fear of more horrific natural disasters such as the recent earthquake in Haiti, guidance from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is needed now more than ever.

The Nation of Islam’s Annual Saviours’ Day Convention will be held February 26 and 27, at the Stephens Convention Center, located at 5555 N. River Road in Rosemont, IL and culminate with a keynote address “The Time and What Must Be Done” by the leader of the Nation of Islam on Feb. 28 at the United Center located at 1901 W. Madison in Chicago.

“I intend in my Saviours’ Day address to provide Divine warning and guidance from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to the Black community to the American people and to our brother, President Barack Obama,” said Min. Farrakhan. “It is critical that everyone understand the time in which we live so that we can act in the manner that could save our lives,” he continued.

Established in 1930, this year’s convention marks the 80th year of the Nation of Islam’s service to the oppressed and down trodden in North America. Each year, to also commemorate the birth of Master W. Fard Muhammad—the founder of the Nation of Islam—members, world leaders, celebrities, and supporters from all walks of life make the journey to Chicago to attend the annual assembly. The weekend of events equips attendees with the necessary tools to forge self-improvement, community empowerment and global change.

Among the many expected to attend this year include several high profile names such as Raheem DeVaughn, “the Real Freeway” Rick Ross, Frank Lucas, Wyclef Jean, former Jamaican Ambassador Dudley Thompson, Pam Africa, Filmmaker Allen Hughes, Iyanla Vanzant and Susan Taylor of the National Cares Mentoring Movement.

During the entire weekend, much attention will be placed on the current disaster in Haiti where Min. Farrakhan has already been marshalling aid and assistance efforts from the Black community.

“Haiti needs all the assistance she can get. We in the Nation of Islam are organizing our efforts to provide relief and in the spirit of the Million Man March, The Millions Women’s March and the Millions More Movement we encourage everyone to organize their efforts into a National Response to Haiti “If we come together and speak with one voice and use the brightest and best of our minds to organize an effective response to this from the entire Black and Hispanic community of America, what a statement that would make. After we assess what we have done and the success of it, we have a working model for bad days that may soon come upon us,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The Saviours’ Day Convention begins at 9:00 am on Friday February 26 in Rosemont and culminates with the Saviours’ Day address on Sunday. Doors open at 12 noon at the United Center and the program begins at 2:00 pm. For media credentials and more information visit the Saviours’ Day website at To learn more about the Nation of Islam visit

For Media Professionals Interested in covering Saviours Day 2010:

Reserved space for media is limited. Media organizations interested in coverage should respond immediately. To register for media credentials, members of the working press should go to

Requests for media credentials should be submitted by 4 p.m. on Friday, February 26, 2010.

There will be a press mult for the electronic press and video and audio will be provided. All radio and TV media will have to take a feed from the mult to get the head-on and program video. Video cameras will be allowed to get cutaway shots. Writers and print reporters will have seats in the arena. Still photographers will be provided with opportunities to get shots of the crowd and the stage.

Members of the media must present current, official media credentials or a Letter of Assignment on official company letterhead and photo ID on the day of the event. By applying for media credentials you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of our Media Credentialing Policy.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why Wait? Get Your Saviours Day 2010 Blessings Now

Saviours Day 2010 is right around the corner. AVOID THE LINES. You can pre-order Minister Farrakhan's Keynote Lecture right now. "The Time and What Must be Done"

Oh yeah and you can even get them at wholesale.

Click Picture to Order:

The Time and What Must be Done Part 3
February 28, 2010

This is What You Call Life Preparation.


Sister Hope Muhammad
Muhammad Mosque No. 32/

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day?
Chicago, IL 1997

What is one of your
most memorable moments? I was a part of the LA Vanguard drill team in 1997. It was my first Saviours' Day (I had just registered in May 1996), I was new to the VG class and I was going to be drilling in front of the whole Nation! It was such a beautiful experience to become one with our VG drill team. What I remember most was our collective love for our Nation and the sisterhood as well as how close knit our team was. It was the defining moment for me in the Nation and became my first opportunity to really love and appreciate black women as a whole.