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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Husband In The Universe- Brian Muhammad

This is a series that I have started up to honor men. YES MEN. You hardly ever hear anything good in regards of men, so I want the world to know about good and even great men.

Let me introduce you to Brian Muhammad and his wife Rebecca Muhammad who wants the world to know how great of a husband and father he is. (These are her words)

Brian Muhammad to any average person would look like a typical blackman working, raising a family, and working his mission helping to resurrect the dead. But to me his wife he's much more. As a father his heart is big. Not displaying the average father
role that has been displayed over the last 100 or so years. He's the best role model for his daughters when they decide to choose a mate. He makes his daughters feel comfortable to be around him and anyone can see they love him dearly.

If I could do it all over I would wish he was my dad. As a husband what can I say I never used to believe, in my condition the Allah would create a man just for me, my total opposite. But he did, each year of our marriage he does something that makes me fall in love with him over and over again. He goes over hills and mountains to maintain his family and lets no struggle hold him back. Always advancing himself in every way possible he keeps me on my toes. Whenever trials come at him he never shows fear his motto is find Allah's hands in this and keeps moving forward. Or pray to Allah then you go answer your prayer through work.

A strong blackman I know I have pure diamonds. He's not a catch he's a future God in the making so I'm always watchful for He's not emotional or sensitive he's understanding to my ever needs, make Allah the center is what I heard ringing in my ear he knows how to be a man,
a Muslim, a father. What I want sisters to know is, don't give up deem yourself worthy, there is such thing as a soul mate or the perfect husband and mines is Brian Muhammad.

Thank you Brother Brian for all that you have done and you are so appreciated.

If you know any men that should be honored for there great works, please contact me and we will show the world how great of a man he is.

Thank you Brother Hannibal