Saviours' Day Gift 2013 Drive

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Good afternoon,

Many times people get so caught up in their lives and the great things they are trying to achieve that they forget to thank people. I am so excited to serve you from the capacity that I have been working in.

Without you, there would not be a Brother Hannibal and the many things I plan to bring to the world.

Thank you for reading my crazy and interesting articles and updates.

I really want to thank you for subscribing to Brother Hannibal Blogging.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Wedding Countdown is HERE

Although it seems that it has been a longtime coming, it is right around the corner. Extractively 1 month and 1 day from today I will be around friends and family saying the "I DO" three times to my wife to be.

The closer we get to this day, more stuff I find out that we still need to do. The place is booked and paid for, the caterer is paid for, the cake is done, I have my tux, and I still have groomsmen needing to get fitted.

With all that is going on, I have taking a weekend away from my norm to drive to California to pack my queen up and move her in the place of living we will soon share together.

Many people say they are coming, but why the same ones still have not RSVP? ha ha ha lol we are horrible with that.

Se pictures of one of my brother's modeling the tuxedo and tie combination for the day. For some of the groomsmen, this is the first time they will see the combination. ha ha lol

Interested in getting us a gift? Visit for registry and email for address.

Thank you for being part of our union.