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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saviours' Day: Heavan on Earth

by DeAndrea X

My plane touched down to a blanket of freshly fallen snow. The ice cold air bit my cheeks as I fondled around baggage claim for my things. I hopped on my hotel shuttle and got snuggled into a corner as I made my way from the airport to my hotel. I looked out the window very bright eyed and excited.

I had never really been in the snow. I was amazed at the beautiful brick structures of downtown Chicago. We arrived at my humble hotel. I got my things to my room and fell back on the bed and just looked at the ceiling. I can’t believe I made it. My first Saviours’ Day.

I opened up the curtains of my window and took in every bit of the city. Dirty snow lined the streets as taxis lined up in front of the lobby downstairs. Little bundled people waddled down the streets with steaming cups of coffee and tea. I could hear the rumbling of the train as it passed by. The cold air from the window began to seep through the glass. I closed the curtains and began to unpack … I can’t believe I’m here. I made it to Chicago to hear the Minister. My heart was filled with so much joy. I think I might have cried into my luggage as I pulled out my garments for the next day.

That would be the first of many trips to Chicago. As a baby Muslim my favorite part of being at Saviours’ Day was just being around the believers. It was the one time of year where there would literally be thousands of us gathered in one spot. We were all well dressed and well mannered. Every where you turned there was heartfelt greeting of peace and paradise…like heaven on earth…

“As Salaam Alaikum Sister!”….. “ Wa Alaikum Salaam!”


If you would like to have your first ever Saviours' Day below for more information about the upcoming Saviours' Day 2010!

Brother Jesse Blog: Saviours' Day 2010: 'I Am Woman' workshop to help women awaken their Spirit of Excellence and Virtue

(Saviours' Day 2010 is just a little over a week away and the world is preparing to make the pilgrimage to Rosemont, IL. The Saviours' Day Committee has been working diligently and part of that team is marketing director LaTonja Muhammad. Last year she hosted a forum titled "The Michelle Obama Effect" that was also featured in the USA Today. This year she is preparing to facilitate yet another powerful workshop geared towards the greatness of women. I went one-on-one with her.)

Jesse Muhammad (JM:) When did you fall in love with Saviours' Day? When was your first time attending? How did it make you feel?

LaTonja Muhammad (LM:) My first Saviours' Day was 1993. I had never seen so many black men and women treating each other with so much respect. I was so proud, in particular, of the men that I saw. They looked so strong and dignified. I fell deeper in love with this teaching that it could produce that kind of effect in a people who were considered no people at all.

(JM:) Last year at the annual convention you organized a workshop titled "The Michelle Obama Effect". What motivated you to have a workshop with that title? What was the overall response and impact of that session?

(LM:) The Michelle Obama Effect was birthed out of a desire to explore the impact of the first Black Woman - a descendant of slaves, to become First Lady of The United States of America. Black women in this country have always been viewed as "second" best, even by our own men when they obtain positions of power and influence. So, when Michelle Obama delivered her speech at the Democratic National Convention in August of 2008, I was on my way to Denver the next day; tears flowed from my eyes as I walked through the airport and saw every newspaper had Michelle's image on it. And for the first time, I saw Black women actually smiling and speaking to each other, not out of formality, but out of sincere respect.

You know it's like the movie, "Waiting to Exhale". I think we all were able to exhale because for the first time a more accurate picture of who we are as women, was/is before the world. We are second to none! The scriptures put it like this: the last shall be first, and the stone that the builders rejected would become the corner stone of the new world. That panel was a way to celebrate Michelle, not as an individual, but what the world loves about Michelle is the essence of the Black female. We are brilliant, strong, caring, maternal, and oh-so stylish!! Mrs. Robinson, Michelle's mom, said it best, "Michelle and Barack aren't new. There are thousands of Barack and Michelle(s) all over this country." And I wanted to honor the Michelle in all of us.

(JM:) For Saviours' Day 2010, you have put together a panel of illuminating women for the workshop titled "I Am Woman" to be held on February 27. Who are the panelists? What message do you want attendees to walk away with from this seminar to take back to their respective cities?

(LM:) “I Am Woman: Awakening Your Spirit of Excellence and Virtue” is taken from Sojourner Truth's 1851 speech "Aint I A Woman?” during the Women's Rights Convention. At that time, she challenged the rights of the Black female to equal education, religion, and our right to "exist" as women. This workshop takes a look at the history of the "sojourn" of Black Women in this country. How far have we come? How far have we strayed? How do we answer the "Aint I A Woman?" It's an extension of last year's dialogue on the Michelle Obama Effect. From Sojourner Truth to Michelle Obama, our advancement as women has come from our intimate relationship with God or the I AM. Black women have been the spiritual backbone of our families and Allah (God) through the female has guided us through trouble times.

Through a partnership with Sister Audrey Muhammad of Virtue Magazine, we have assembled a panel of women who have helped us grow closer in our relationship with Allah (God) to achieve real success. I'm very honored that Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, wife of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad will be joining us, Dr. Ava Muhammad, and the great Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. Also joining us is Zondra Huges, editor and chief of N'Digo Megapaper and former relationship editor for Ebony Magazine.Atiya K. Salaam of L.E.A.P International, is co-sponsoring the event along with the Susan G. Komen breast cancer movement. Just two days ago a study was released about the racial disparities of breast cancer, stating that advanced breast cancer diagnosis among Black women remains 30 to 90 percent higher compared to white women. And Black women are still more likely than all other women to die from breast cancer. So, we're excited about the breast cancer material that is being provided by the Susan G. Komen organization, because we shouldn't be dying from a disease that can be beat. And an example that it can be beaten is in our moderator of the panel discussion who is a breast cancer survivor, WVON's news director and author of "The Pocket Book Monologue," Sharon McGhee.

(JM:) What else are you looking forward to during this year's Saviours' Day convention?

(LM:) I'm really looking forward to Minister Farrakhan's lecture The Time and What Must Be Done. We are in a very serious time as never seen before. Everything that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught we are experiencing it today.

The Minister is no doubt a Divine Reminder of his teachings and Warner among us. When the earthquake hit Haiti, the Minister warned us that we must prepare because what came upon Haiti would soon be at our doorstep. The 4.3 earthquake that hit Chicago last week was evidence of the Minister's warning just a couple of weeks before. I happened to have been up during the quake and felt the house shaking. We can no longer afford to waste time; when we are given an instruction we must move out on that instruction because in this hour it will be the difference between life and death.

(Click here to see the full Saviours' Day 2010 Workshop Schedule)

How to Prepare For Saviours' Day 2010

If you are like me, you are pulling all of your resources together to get ready to attend history in the making "Saviours Day 2010." Not only are you taking time off of work. You are purchasing flights, hotels, and even a new fit to show off. This is what you call "Physical Preparation." Well I have something even better and long lasting. It is called "Spiritual Preparation."

I know I know. Brother Hannibal what do you mean by "Spiritual Preparation"? Spiritual preparation is purifying your mind to develop into a higher thinking person.

These are a few ways to prepare:

Fasting. Fasting does not just purify the body and make you look better. It also purifies your mind and makes your thoughts stronger. Leading to becoming more successful as you restrict your body for your lower desires.

We forget that prayer is not for God. Prayer is for you. Prayer is a duty to God. Prayer brings you to humility and that is needed, as your patience maybe tested. Satan is always working to keep us from being successful.

SD 2010 Farrakhan Quote: "My Saviours' Day message is going to be so strong, that it is going to take time for you to digest it. I think it is going to be like Saviours' Day 1974" Minister Farrakhan

Now if you really want to be ready for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Keynote Lecture "The Time and What Must be Done Part 3" you must hurry and order now Part 1 & 2

Click pictures below to place order:

The Time and What Must be Done Part 1
November 15, 2009

This is What You Call Saviours' Day 2010 Preparation.

The Time and What Must be Done Part 2
November 29, 2009

This is What You Call Saviours' Day 2010 Preparation.

You Do Not Want To Miss Saviours Day 2010


Friday, February 19, 2010

Be A Part of Saviours' Day History!! Part Two

This is one of the most exciting parts of the year. See what different people have to say about their first Saviours' Day experience:

Sister Qiana X
Muhammad Mosque No. 45/ Houston
When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day? 1999 Chicago

What is one of your most memorable Saviours Day moments? The Sunday lectures from Hon. Minister Farrakhan

Are you excited about attending Saviours Day 2010? Why?
Yes indeed! To hear & see Minister Farrakhan is always a blessing; then also to see, hug, greet and fellowship with Believers from all around the world is truly something I look forward to each year.

Brother Warrick Muhammad
Muhammad Mosque No. 45/ Houston

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day?
First Saviours' Day was in Atlanta-Oct. 1992

What is one of your most memorable Saviours Day moments? I think it was 1995 at the Amphitheater (the year we healed post in the cold for hours waiting for the Min. to arrive and depart. That was a real faith checker. It was so cold and rainy that we literally watched icicles form.)

Are you excited about attending Saviours Day 2010? Why?
I am always excited about Saviours' Day it is my opportunity to get recharged and reconnected with the body. It is a reminder of how beautiful and special we are.

Brother Jamal Muhammad
Muhammad Mosque No. 32/ Phoenix

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day? 1996 Chicago

What is one of your most memorable Saviours Day moments? Saviours Day 2002 L.A.

Are you excited about attending SD2010? Why? The pilgrimage, being amongst the believers, and honoring our God, His Christ & Their Servant is why I am so excited.

Brother Royce Muhammad
Muhammad Mosque No. 32/ Phoenix

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day? Phoenix, AZ

What is one of your most memorable Saviours Day moments? Getting my X a few months earlier and getting married.

Are you excited about attending SD2010? Why? Yes, Unity of old and new faces

Be A Part of Saviours' Day History!!



Mosque No./City:

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day?

What is one of your
most memorable SD moments?

Are you excited about attending SD2010? Why?

Email your responses with a close up picture to:

"Everyday you can make your own history."

Make Your History Today.


My Favorite Saviours Day

Being to almost every Saviours Day in my life time, 2009 was my favorite Saviours Day. I was really at a point where I almost did not make it, but with a little faith Allah blessed me with the opportunity.

Enjoying the nice windy weather of Chicago and staying a few days with my cousins was not it. It was the family environment I felt the first day I showed up for the INation Media Workshop. I am always excited to see thousands of people at one place for the same common cause is very exciting. There were so many workshops that I could not attend all of them, I did run to as many as I could to take pictures and interview. The Hip Hop Detox and TaHa Suite were so awesome. I cannot forget seeing the big smiles on the children faces from taking pictures with Mother Khadijah.

All of that was the ingredients to bake a cake, but having my father and uncle there in attendance brought me to an all time high. So I guess they were the icing on the Cake.

Now you know you cannot have cake without ice cream. I met this beautiful sister at Saviours' Day that made feel so complete conversing with her. Now she is to become my wife.

This is what I call having cake and ice cream. You can only get this type of blessings at Saviours Day.

Thank you for reading and I pray I will see you at Saviours Day 2010.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview with 'The Book of Eli' director Allen Hughes by Ashahed Muhammad of The Final Call Newspaper

'We only do projects that speak to us'

Twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, the dynamic directing duo known as The Hughes Brothers, made a major leap into the entertainment industry with their emotionally gripping debut as the 20-year-old creators/directors of “Menace II Society.”

The film generated national and international critical acclaim. With a budget of roughly $3 million, they took a story that they came up with at age 14 and turned it into a motion picture that grossed nearly $30 million at the box-office.

They followed up with “Dead Presidents,” a fascinating story of a young man's life which turns to shambles after he is sent to war in Vietnam. Expecting to return home as a hero, the young man instead finds himself reduced to pulling off an armored car robbery in order to support his family.

After a break from the business for several years, they returned with the riveting motion picture “The Book of Eli” starring award winning actor Denzel Washington.

With the assistance and coordination of Brother Don Enoch Muhammad, Allen Hughes, who is scheduled to be a part of this year's Saviours' Day 2010 convention, took time from his busy schedule to speak with The Final Call's Assistant Editor Ashahed M. Muhammad.

Ashahed M. Muhammad (The Final Call:) How do you determine which scripts you will direct and which projects you turn down?

Allen Hughes (AH:) I think one area that makes me and my brother different from most filmmakers is we only do the projects that speak to us; that speak to our soul and that we feel like can make a difference or can speak to others. That is first. Second, we start looking at the key players involved. If we feel that somebody is morally or spiritually bankrupt, then we won't get involved in the project either. It's a combination of things. And, who is attached to the project, the studio, producer, the stars, and whether all those people are good people.

(FC:) Your recent film, “The Book of Eli”, generated a lot of buzz and good reviews. I've found it to be a daily conversation starter usually ending up in a spiritual discussion which then turns into an artistic discussion which then turns into a “meaning of life discussion.” In the movie, you showed the Bible, the Holy Qur'an, the Torah and many other books of scripture. Sometimes religion can be a real volatile issue. Were you all concerned that it might alienate some of the people? Or did you feel like some others, maybe Christians, would kind of embrace it and take it and kind of make it like it was a Christian movie to the exclusion of others who might not be Christians?

(AH:) I think we were very concerned about that. The most important thing was that (we wanted) it speak to everybody—Muslims, Christians, Native Americans, Buddhist, Hindu's. I call it a oneness.


(Come ask more questions of director Allen Hughes at the Saviours' Day 2010 celebrity workshop on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.)

Saviours' Day 2010 Special Guest Speakers

You do not want to miss these Saviours' Day 2010 Workshops. They are life changing, and living saving experiences.

Click Pictures below to see workshop schedule...

My Day at The Arabian Horse Show

I never thought is would be so much fun watching horses. These pictures are of Arabian Horses and the are one of the most expensive horses around. Look at how beautiful they are.

(Left: DeAndrea X, Middle: Bobby Muhammad, Right: LaTanya Muhammad)


Free Social Media Tips- 101

There many questions asked about how to market yourself on a budget. Well, today I am going to show you how to market yourself for free.

For today's class, we are going to focus on Facebook. Facebook has become the #1 social site in the world.

TIP 1: Never be afraid to interact with people and request them as friends. You must build your network. New friends are the best. For any business you must have clients. The least amount of clients, the least opportunity of being successful.

TIP 2: Have substance. You must have something people can take with them. Your goal is to have something people can keep for a long time.

Example: Motivational Speaker, Leaders, Politicians- you are the product. Use quotes that stand out and draw attention. Never be afraid to think outside of the box. Also interact in areas that are Grey. This shows that you are human. Negative marketing is still marketing, just be wise on how involved you get.

TIP 3: Always share other people postings. It links you with them and they are always happy to build there network with someone who respects their work.

TIP 4: Time is of the essence. Use videos and pictures. People do not always have time to read, but it is nice to hear things as you are multitasking. Pictures are worth a thousand words. "Pictures are worth a thousand views." This shows that you are active in the area of expertise that you have.

These are your "Free Social Media Tips- 101"


Be A Part of Saviours' Day History!! Part One

This is one of the most exciting parts of the year. See what different people have to say about their first Saviours' Day experience:

Sister Valerie Muhammad

Muhammad Mosque No. 32

I attended my first Saviours' Day, February 1971.

Other than having my first child in my most memorable moment was hearing Min. Farrakhan speak divine truth which riveted my spirit and lead me into accepting the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I am somewhat excited and not certain if I can attend Saviours' Day 2010.

Sister Valerie

Reva X
Muhammad Mosque No. 32

and where did you attend your first Saviours Day?

Chicago IL. 2000

What is one of your most memorable moments?
Saviours' Day in Detroit, Mi. 2007 (Took my three grandsons and

they really enjoyed it.)

I always look forward to Saviours' Day Celebrations and the keynote address from our National Minister. Last, but, not least, I enjoy meeting and greeting the believers.

Sister Ntosake Muhammad
Muhammad Mosque No. 32

My first Saviours Day was in Chicago 1983.

The most memorable Saviours Day for me was in my hometown New York City 1985 at Madison Square Garden. It was so many people coming from every where. The subways and streets were full of people. In the garden you could not get a seat because it was full to the top. People were on the stairways you could not walk any were. Everyone came to see Farrakhan. It was something to see our people with happy faces.

Saviours Day 2010 Yes. I am excited b
ecause Saviours Day is like a look into the hear after. The people will be happy to see and greet each other with smiles of love and joy, and every where you go people are happy to be there.

That is a wonderful filling.

Your sister Ntosake Muhammad

Sister Beatrice X

Muhammad Mosque 26B Oakland, California

My first Saviours' Day was 2002 in Los Angeles my most memorable moment was The Spirit, Energy and the Synergy of The Believer's hugging and loving one another genuinely wanting every Brother and Sister to be at Peace The Drill Competition and of course The Minister's Message.

I am excited about attending Saviours' Day 2010 Insha 'Allah my favorite Saviours' Day to date was 2007 in Detroit because there was so much combined History at that Saviours’ Day.

Since this the 80th Anniversary of the coming of God in the person of Master Fard Muhammad OH MY!!!! excited about going seems to me like a no brainier I can't imagine how GLOURIOS IT WILL BE

love and peace

Sis Beatrice X

Michaele B Muhammad
Muhammad Mosque No. 32

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day? Chicago 1988

What is one of your most memorable moments? Seeing the Brothers of Muhammad Mosque #27 if I remember correctly there were 5 of them. I know it was Brother Steve Muhammad now of Atlanta, Brother Robert 5 Muhammad, Bro Keith Muhammad I think now of Atlanta and 2 other Brothers. The Minister had a frown on his face when he entered the tent, we were at dinner. And when they got through drilling the Minister was standing and smiling he lit up the room. At that time they were the best in the Nation.

Are you excited about attending SD2010? Why? Yes. Not many people in the world get to witness history and know what they are watching. It is truly a blessing to be living and in the Nation in this day and time.

Peace and Love.

Be A Part of Saviours' Day History!!



Mosque No./City:

When and where did you attend your first Saviours Day?

What is one of your
most memorable SD moments?

Are you excited about attending SD2010? Why?

Email your responses with a close up picture to:

"Everyday you can make your own history."

Make Your History Today.

Register Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creating your own Saviours Day History

Wow I just finishing the Nation of Islam's First Saviours' Day Web-A-Thon. It was so exciting to be part of history. There was a goal to raise $300,000 in one week and it was surpassed with $715,847. This is what you call love.

I witnessed the modern technology that was done with web cams from different cities being shown from across the world, All of the great entertainment, and being blessed to hear directly from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and others.

View some of the Quotes that were captured:

"This year's Saviours' Day is going to be off da chain"--Ishmael Muhammad

"By all means make it to Chicago for Saviours' Day. Its like a pilgrammage"--Min. Farrakhan

Minister Farrakhan says his upcoming Saviours' Day 2010 msg will be so strong that it will take time to digest! Dont miss it!

"There will be a special session on Haiti at Saviours' Day 2010"--Minister Farrakhan

"The workshops at Saviours' Day will be rewarding"--Min. Farrakhan

"I hope all mosques and study groups have been collecting clothing, food, etc for our people in Haiti"--Min. Farrakhan

For everyone who watched the WebAThon, Thank you.

Become part of history.... Register Today...