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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Power Of Modesty- The Key to Health, Beauty, & Longevity

I am so excited to start off 2011 with an interview with Kevin A. Muhammad. He is a phenomenal writer and has what you need for a successful life.


Name: Kevin A. Muhammad

Research- Author- Educator of: The Power of Modesty

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I believe the most important facts about me are: 1) I've been in the Nation of Islam for 30 years, under the guidance and leadership of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan; 2) I've been married 26 years; and 3) my wife and children are striving to serve Allah and His Messenger—all thanks to Allah! During the past 15 years, I've been blessed to write more than a dozen books centered on the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as it relates to health. I've also been blessed to spearhead several health campaigns to improve the health of our people.

What are you looking to accomplish from The Power of Modesty?

Ultimately, girls and young women, in particular, will learn a great deal about themselves, as it relates to their divine nature and how to preserve and protect that special and awesome "nature." This, alone, is the greatest means of empowerment for any girl or woman. As girls and women embrace this knowledge, we will begin to see them adopt the "culture of righteousness," led by modest behaviors, especially attire. Why will we see this? Through this book, girls and women will be acutely aware of the value of living a dignified and modest life—a divine life. They will also be cognizant of the severe consequences for continuing to participate in their own exploitation, which leads to their physical and mental destruction.

What will readers learn from The Power of Modesty?

This book is comprehensive in addressing the full scope of human activity, as it relates to the origin of our thoughts, the influences that affect our lives, and the behaviors arising from this influence. Here, let me say that only Allah (God) could have arranged this book in the excellent and exquisite way it is arranged. The essence of the book is that it expresses divine knowledge in a way that is easy to understand, yet highly scientific—the goal of which is to explain the details of a female's relationship with nature and with her Creator, who created her nature. The reader will learn and understand the "terrain" in which we live, which is the Satanic world upheld by the exploitation and corruption of girls and women. This is absolutely necessary for girls and women to know.

More importantly, the reader will learn the fundamental knowledge that enables the female to tap into her divine nature, while protecting herself from the evil aims of the satanic people who govern this world. She will learn how Allah (God) is present in her nature. That is where He truly resides. This "divine nature" is activated and supported by proper diet and proper thinking—both of which is attained by adhering to Allah's divine instructions. The reader will learn the science and power of thought, and, in light of this power, why modesty is essential for enabling women to maintain beauty, health, and to live long, joyful and productive lives. These things have always been the aim of the Creator for the female.

I really see how women can gain value from this book. Tell us how can men benefit from reading this wonderful book?

Men will understand the value that this book offers them when they contemplate the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that: "A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Woman." This is a sobering reality. It means that Black people will never rise as an independent and civilized people until the "Black woman" is elevated to her proper place. Simply put, we don't stand a snowball chance in hell unless Black women are given the utmost respect and protection. Unfortunately, Black girls and women are at the bottom of civilization. They are the most exploited of women anywhere on the earth. Our future is bleak, at best, unless this is turned around.

Through this book, The Power of MODESTY, men will be inspired to execute their duties as protectors and elevators of their women. Men, too, will learn about the satanic forces that make them "willing" victims and exploiters of their women—in the name of fun, games, and foolishness. A father, husband, brother, and uncle will learn how to protect the girls and women in their lives. This is how we aid the elevation of our women. They must first be elevated in our minds. This can only happen when we understand the female's divine nature and her irreplaceable value—as the "Second Self" of Allah.

Just imagine—if every man accepts the awesome responsibility to respect, protect and elevate women, then our homes and communities will be transformed into "heaven on earth." This book will help bring that into fruition.

What last thing would you want the world to know about you?

First and foremost, I am a servant of Allah, His Christ and Their Messenger-Messiah. I am blessed to be under the direct guidance of Allah and His Christ; therefore, it is important for the reader to know that this book is the product of Allah's will. It is part of His plan to reform and elevate women. I believe anyone who reads this book will feel the Spirit of Allah all throughout it, attesting to my previous statement.

How can readers reach you?

I can be reached through my website at:

Thank you for everything you continue to do. May God bless you with much success.


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