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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Proposal Like The Movies

The Engagement Ring

The Proposal......

"It was like a movie" what she would say. She came in sometime after 7pm on A Monday. I just picked her up from the airport and was rushing to get her. I told her that things were not going good at my mother house. People were over there being loud and messing things up after I just got finish cleaning up the house for her to stay with my mother. So I told her that I did not want to take her there right now, that would be unnecessary stress. For her to ride with me to a place I go to clear my head. Pulling up to this resort, my queen started looking at me all crazy like why are we here? I told her that I have to get away for a while and just walk with me. I gave her a skull cap and a scarf since it was actually chilling in Phoenix that night. She did not know in my skull cap held the engagement ring and I was planning to propose. After walking in and out of the building we came across a boat that I had waiting on her. The lady met us at the gate and welcome us both into it. As Sister DeAndrea got onto the boat there was a dozen long stem red roses sitting on the seat for her. With her slow self she would ask "are those roses for me" Yes we are the only ones getting on the boat. ha ha ha lol (smile)

The boat ride in the middle of the desert

While riding on the boat I would show her the history of the area I just learned from the guy earlier that day (smile), not knowing that I was actually keeping her occupied to get the ring from the skull cap. We are riding on a boat in the middle of the desert looking at desert landscaping and Native Indian landmarks. While telling a few horrible jokes I begin to tell this beautiful sister how much I lover and very thankful that Allah (god woyld bring her into my life to fulfill my destiny and faith. Wishing she could feel the hard beating heart of my chest. I pulled this 1kt. floating marquise diamond ring out and looked at stunned look on her face. I then asked her if she would be my wife. YES YES YES YES..... All PBTA


Too excited to sit down....

The ring exchange....

If you could only see her face.... Allahu Akbar

Have a good evening and God Bless!!!!!!!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Engagement Dinner (Phoenix)

On January 2, 2010 Sister DeAndrea and Brother Hannibal enjoyed each others company at the "Jewel of the Crown Cuisine of India" with many friends and family.

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