Saviours' Day Gift 2013 Drive

Saviours' Day Gift 2013

Nation of Islam on $10 million campaign to purchase farmland, build schools, create jobs.

Greetings Blog Readers,

I pray this note finds you in the best of health and spirit. First, as always I would like to sincerely thank you all for supporting Brother Hannibal Blogging.

The upcoming year will mark six years of blogging and my success thus far would not have been possible without you! As you all know, I have rarely asked for anything because Brother Hannibal Blog’s primary focus has been serving its readers. However, in 2013 I am asking you all to help me raise funds for 3 causes near and dear to my heart and this is one of them.

Every year members of the Nation of Islam and close friends and supporters of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan show our love, appreciation, and gratitude for his over 57 years of service by making a contribution, which helps him to continue to carry on the mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It is called the Saviours’ Day Gift.

At the 2013 Saviours’ Day Convention, Minister Farrakhan is expected to announce the re-institution of The Economic Blueprint of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as found in his book Message To The Blackman in America.

It is our goal and with your blessed donation to help Minister Farrakhan raise $10 million by March 31 for the purpose of purchasing hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland, in order that we may be able to grow good food that will be needed in preparation that we will be able to feed the people during the imminent drought that is upon us in America and the world.

Pitch in $1, $5, $10, $20 or more @

In addition, it is Minister Farrakhan’s desire to establish a National Treasury in order that we may be able to establish jobs, businesses, etc. that is needed at this critical economic downturn period in America. Again, your donation will help make this a reality that will benefit us all.

Without question, Minister Farrakhan has a 57 year track record of being an honorable man we can trust. I personally bear witness to his tireless work, love and sacrifice to lead, teach and guide all people of good will; in building a new reality for our people and children while we live.

My personal goal for this campaign is $2,000. Whatever you are touched to give, it will be greatly appreciated! Click below today and pitch in $5 or more.

Pitch in $1, $5, $10, $20 or more @

Thank You,
Brother Hannibal

About Saviours’ Day 2013 Convention 

The 2013 Saviours' Day convention (Feb. 22-24) will mark the 83rd year of the Nation of Islam's existence in North America. Each year, to commemorate the birth of its founder Master W. Fard Muhammad (February 26, 1877), thousands of members and supporters of the Nation of Islam from around the world make the journey to attend the annual convention during the last week of February for a weekend of fellowship, networking, information dissemination and spiritual renewal. Also during Saviours' Day, some of the best academic minds, entertainers and activists come together for strategizing, organizing and mobilization.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Saviours' Day messages are always timely as he marvelously deals with current events, spiritual realities, prophecies and solutions to the problems plaguing the Black community in particular and humanity in general. [READ MORE]

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