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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Balance..... Do You Have It?

In life we as a people and even as a person are placed with speed bumps and obstacles in life. Some people speed up to run right over the speed bumps, not knowing what type of damage it may have on the vehicle. Others may slowdown to a complete stop and get stuck, not sure if the vehicle can even make it over the speed bumps. While others slowdown examining the speed bumps looking for the smoothest way to go over it.

In this day and time we must have balance in our life. With all of the different life changes in our life, the economy falling into all-time highs, not even knowing if job security even exist anymore, and losing more and more trust towards the government.

Remember before you got married and had a family? Do you? I bet you do!!! You probably bring it up everyday in verbal or even mental state of mind. Thinking back to all of the exciting things you use to do. Well today is that day. it's time to take that walk you were missing. Go out with your friends for lunch or dinner. It does not have to be in the club to have a good time. The club was not what made it a good time. It was the social experiences you had with those close individuals of yours. Find a quite "Me" time somewhere. Just a few moments can change your perspective in life.

Look in the mirror!!!! Are you Happy? That can change and you are the only one able to make that change.

Today is the start of a new week. The start of a new you. Today is the initial steps for more balance in your life.

I wrote this because I love you and I have lost balance in life and know with your commitment it will help me to regain my balance back.

Your brother and friend,

Brother Hannibal S. Muhammad

P.S. balance is the mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

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