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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hurt 2 Healing January Edition!!!!!!

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Welcome to the January 2012 Hurt2Healing Magazine Sneak Peek! 

This month it's all about conquering our fears and  redefining, for ourselves, who we are supposed to be!  

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 Bold & Breastless
The Exclusive with
Shondia Sabari

 Prior to me being diagnosed with breast cancer, everything was great in my life. My husband had recently deployed from Iraq, my children were doing well in school and also their extra-curricular activities. What's so surprising about the diagnosis is that I didn't have any symptoms. I had nothing to suggest any signs of breast cancer.

I remember it very well. It was in December of last year, and it was on a Thursday. I was getting dressed to go to the dollar store. I was putting on my boots, and I was actually putting on my left boot; that's just how well I remember it. I didn't hear any voices or see any shadows, but a thought entered my mind. It was just a thought that, "you need to get a mammogram". I just kind of looked up, because I had never experienced anything like that before. As I mentioned before, I didn't feel anything come over me. It was just like we're on the phone and you tell me, "I think I hear someone at the door". You know how we have those thoughts.

I just pondered for a minute, and then I continued to put on my boots and I got in the car. I actually had a cousin in town visiting me from South Carolina, and she rode with me to the dollar store. While we were riding I shared with her that I had a thought while I was getting ready to go get a mammogram. She asked me, "What are you going to do"? I said, "I'm going to go and get one"(laughs). 

*Special H2H Features*

Hear from Both Sides the Major Mistakes Men & Women Make In Relationships black couple
 If you're not ready for honest, straight forward tips regarding this subject skip the page. This is for mature men and women only.

Learn the Red Flags of An Abusive Partner As Well As Tips to Breaking Free. 


People in these relationships sometimes mistake the abuse for intense feelings of caring or concern. It can even seem flattering. Do you know what signs to look for? Research shows that in 2011 nearly 60% of women have experienced an abusive relationship, and men make up 40% According to, 835,000 men are battered each year

Read in this month's issue of H2H Magazine!Trust me, you don't want to miss these tips!

New Years Priority
By Niedria Kenny 
a girl
In the New Year, as you move into your new place, your new space and begin; leave your 700 watt microwave behind. For some; that's a bad job, a bad relationship, a bad feeling or a thought about a situation or outcome. It is to some people leaving behind resentment, negative emotions that have hindered personal growth as well as spiritual and physical growth.  

For some, grudges that you have been carrying for the last year or years....It may be the unforgiving thought of being involved with a person you feel you should have never come in contact with. It can be letting go of feelings of embarrassment from things you have done in private that you are praying never come to the light. It may also be the closure you have been looking for on an array of things.

Read more HERE...

An Opening to Something New
By Kimyon "The Diamond Coach" Zari   
kimyon image

Living with constant interferences will disable your ability to create and really BE in the world. The time had come for me to detour off the road of distraction and destruction and find a new direction. The journey will get bumpy, but the bumps represent the involvements and/or illusions we must go through in the search for truth and self-development.  

My desire is to be embraced by a culture of people with good character who warm me, and choose to live their lives with purpose. The kind of purpose that goes forth in actions; producing action that forms habits and habits that determines character; knowing that good character can help you to reach your potential. What about you? Are you there yet?

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The Best Lesson Learn In Life: Re-Memory 
By Khalilah T. Muhammad  

khalilah image
My best lesson learned in life is not from my educational journey of obtaining three degrees, which required me to move across country three times, or from getting my heat broken or from getting a divorce, nor is it from my yearly journeys of participating in the month of Ramadan. My best lesson learned in life about love stems from losing my parents. 

One would think that living life without both my parents, at any age, would be almost like an impossible journey. However, the lesson that I learned is not to wallow in the grief, the absence, the sorrow, the paralysis and the anger that one immediately feels. The most valuable lesson is to embrace the feelings of hurt, but not to stay there.

Read more HERE...

Interview with Songstress Akilah N. Muhammad 
By Jesse Muhammad 
Akilah Muhammad

Brother Jesse: Let's talk about your first music video you just released "Best in the World." Fans like me can take for granted the behind-the-scenes work it takes to put together a video like that. Tell me about the process it took to get it done. Was it harder than you imagined? Was it a major team effort?

Akilah Muhammad: There was a lot of spiritual preparation involved during this summer leading up to my recording this song in November. I prayed and read a lot. But once I get started on a project that I'm passionate about I'm the type of person that moves very quickly. I chose the beat online and I wrote the lyrics to it November 9th and 10th. Going back and forth to record the song took me about three days because I had a certain amount of time each day to record as I was working around people's schedules. By November 15th the song was recorded and I already had in mind how I wanted most of the video to go. I knew I had to move quickly because I also wanted to release the video within the same month!

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Peace & Blessings,

Ebony S. Muhammad,
Publisher & Certified Thanatologist
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