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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pride- Destruction Of Growth

Everyone should have some level of pride. Pride dictates that you have something to stand for. Some pride hinders your growth.

Life is full of difficulties and going through difficulties is a norm. A person who is willing to express and seek to conquer life's frustration can continue to utilize the creative side of the brain. A person who is not willing to express life's frustration seeking opportunities out, because of being to prideful will continue to be held down in stress.

When you are a brother and a true friend, people look to find anyway possible way to assist you. Even when you are extremely too prideful to accept the assistance being given. Are you a brother or a true friend? The scriptures speak a lot on the brethren. Are you one that the scriptures speaks on, striving to help uplift your friends, family, and community? Friends, family, and the community are the ones that will be at your aid of difficulties.

>Maybe you can answer this question. Why do people allow pride, ego, and fear of being embarrass keep self from asking for assistance???

The above question is for you to answer. I am fighting my own battles with that question. Maybe, just maybe the answer and comments you leave on this question can help me and anyone who suffers from having too much pride.

I thank you for reading this and Blogging with Brother Hannibal

True Value and Worth Of A Real Woman

What does true value and worth of a real woman mean?

Before endeavoring into this subject I must define some particular words (true and worth).

Webster's definition of true- 1 a: steadfast , loyal b: honest , just carchaic : truthful2 a (1): being in accordance with the actual state of affairs <true description> (2): conformable to an essential reality (3): fully realized or fulfilled

Webster's definition of worth- 2: the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held worth>3 a: moral or personal value worth> b: merit , excellence worth>

Looking at how women are portrayed in the media, and even from what you see walking the school campus, I have witnessed and been involved with disrespecting women, by not treating th
em of the true value they deserve. The media promotes sex, drugs, and violence.

My beloved sisters, when you get home do me a big favor and just take the time and observe how many ways the media exposes woman in a sexual way. There is a motive in keeping you in small skirts and shirts that do not cover your stomach, shoulders, or breast. The exposure of your body keeps men lowest desire active. That lower desire keeps men from using their higher level of thinking, which leads to a physical desire of misfortune.

My Business Counselor from school once said, "Whenever you dress up, it takes you to a higher level of thinking and feeling, which leads to compliments." What my Business Counselor was trying to say, was how you dress can dictates the kind of respect you get. When you cover yourself men want to inquire more about you. That drives them to want to discover more that lies within the head of a woman. It takes men from a physical level of desire to a mental and spiritual level of desire.

When Allah (God) created himself from triple darkness, HE then gathered the best of himself. The next greatest creation HE produced, THE WOMAN. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that No Nation can rise any higher then its woman. Sisters you are valuable beyond estimation. That is why we Love you so dearly. Real love means seeing a need in your spouse and feeling it is a privilege to be able to meet it. It does not seek to gain, it only desires to give. Sister Ava Muhammad (Real Love p. 47)

Women you are a help-meet; you take men to their highest level. Without the woman there would not be man. There never was a time without woman. You are so needed in the growth of this Nation and Nations to come. Let’s take Michelle Obama for an example. She has taken fashion to another level by introducing a modest look. This Shows true respect for herself and the value of a woman's worth. But I cannot lie, the absolute truest level of modesty comes from the covering of a woman in a MGT garment.

The true essence and work of a real modest woman has so much power. R Kelly and Jay-Z wrote a song dealing with the power of the P.***.Y. A woman only attracts what she puts out and involves herself in. Sisters, you can lower a

man's desire for you by giving yourself to him physically, or you can increase a man's desire for you by giving yourself to him mentally and spiritually. The mental and spiritual level brings everlasting Love.

In the past and foreseeable future many wars will be caused because of woman. Beautiful goddess of the universe, a real man is willing to go through any obstacles to achieve Allah (God) highest Gifts.

As a single man, I am willing to conquer all obstacles and trials to prepare myself for you. That we can fulfill the everlasting life that Allah (God) has waiting for us.

TO BE CONTINUED.....................

I thank you for Blogging with Brother Hannibal

Friday, April 3, 2009

"TIRED" A Brother Fighting Addiction


Some things in our lives won’t change until we come to the point of being tired. Tired of what? Maybe it is pain, guilt, strife, fear, loneliness, or just plain old loss. Tired of looking into your loved ones eyes seeing disappointment, tired of looking at your husbands/wives whom you vowed to love unconditionally, yet feeling their eyes with tears and their hearts with despair.

Drugs and Alcohol addiction can bring you to that point I myself have struggled and battled with crack cocaine for over 20 years. The heartache and pain it causes is insurmountable, it can and will destroy every aspect of your life spiritually, mentally, and physically. Spiritually it will take you away from anything of spiritual grounding and advancement, it becomes your GOD. Mentally, it rules your thoughts and leads and guides you through your thinking. Physically, it causes damage to the body, harming your heart, brain, and sometimes sudden death.

My addiction has broken me down to the point of being tired of the self-destruction I have caused myself and my family. Today I walk in a new direction, being clean, and now I want to share my own experiences with you. Anyone can live a productive life by making GOD the center of all you do, through prayer and perseverance anything is possible. I want to help others come to the point where they can, like me say I'm tired!

Written and inspired by: Brother David 12x