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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Becoming A Social Network Guru

Good morning this is your brother and friend Hannibal.

Today I will give a few steps that make social networking easier.

Most of us have Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other great avenues to express and market what we offer. Well today us your day.

Today I want you to go to and download it to your desktop and mobile device (cell phone). What this will allow you to do is market to everyone of your networks with just a pluck of a button. (SEND)

You can add ally your above networks to this software and information to all.

There is another tip as well. It's walked your cell phone. Many of my friends ask why do they see 3 if the same status updates from me? What I do is group all of my social networks that I can operate from my phone together. Now you can send out a group text at once.

Now these just 2 easier methods that will allow you to capitalize on whatever you maybe doing.

Thank you for reading and continuing to he part of the Brother Hannibal team.

God bless
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